Toshiba Globe September 2013

Globalne informacije korporacije Toshiba o novih produktih in rešitvah.

  • Toshiba Unveils New SD Memory Cards Offering World-Fastest Write Speed... page 2
  • International Team comes together to Study Demand Response Impacts...  page 3
  • Toshiba to Collaborate with ENEA, an Italian National Agency to Study Energy...  page 5
  • Toshiba and 1Malaysia Development Berhad to Collaborate in Introducing... page 6
  • Toshiba to Implement Reforms to Improve Profitability in Digital Products Biz... page 8
  • Toshiba and Amkor Technology Complete Amkor's Acquisition of Toshiba´s... page 11
  • Toshiba Achieves World First with Successful Operation of Novel Combustor... page 13
  • Toshiba Selected by Japan's NIRS to supply World's First Rotating Gantry... page 15
  • Toshiba to Strengthen Power System Business in Turkey... page 17
  • Toshiba Starts Second Phase Construction of No. 5 Semiconductor Fabrication... page 18
  • Toshiba Publishes English Edition of CSR Report 2013... page 19
  • Toshiba Celebrates Opening of New Semiconductor Facility in Thailand... page 21
  • Toshiba Announces New TV Strategy with Introduction of TVs Designed to...  page 23
  • Toshiba to Expand Home Solutions Business in Europe... page 25
  • Toshiba to Acquire T&D Business from Indian Vijai Electricals Ltd... page 28